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The Certification Board is a section of the Hong Kong Society of Certified Prosthetist-Orthotists. The functions of the Certification Board are:

1. To identify those practitioners who have satisfied adequate qualification to provide prosthetics and orthotic services to the public.
2. To maintain a high standard within the prosthetics and orthotic profession.
3. To conduct the Certification Process

Maintaining Certification

Certified practitioners are required to maintain certification by participating in mandatory continuing education and adhering to the code of ethics.

Foreign Candidates

A candidate graduated from other countries must have his or her qualification evaluated by the Certification Board. Complementary assessment may be required.

Membership of Certification Board

The Certification Board shall have seven members invited and appointed by the Executive Committee of the Society. One of which should be an ex-official member from the Prosthetics and Orthotics degree programme of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The number of Non Prosthetist-Orthotist professional shall not be more that two.

The Certification Board is a credentialing body constituted to certify those prosthetic and orthotic practitioners who meet the qualification required by the Certification Board to render prosthetic & orthotic services. The Certification Board conducts examination to test the competency of the applicants in the prosthetics and orthotics practice who apply to sit the examination.

Practitioner certification in prosthetics and orthotics is awarded to assure the public, those who require prosthetics and orthotics services, and those in other health professions, of the professional competence of the prosthetics and orthotics practitioners. The awarding of practitioner certification provides the certified practitioner with an appropriate and meaningful professional recognition.

Practitioners whose education and experience meet the requirements of the Certification Board are admitted to an examination process designed to evaluate their knowledge of the current prosthetics and orthotics treatment technique and the technology involved. Those who successfully complete this examination process are awarded certificates in the discipline. Certification must be renewed tri-annually through a continuous education credit system in order to maintain good standing.


Certified Prosthetist – Orthotists

A Certified Prosthetist or Orthotist is a practitioner who provides prosthetics & orthotics care to persons with disabling conditions of one or multiple parts of the body and to persons with partial or total absence of external body part(s).

Prosthetics & orthotics care includes patient assessments, detailed prescriptions, design & fabrication of prostheses/orthoses, fitting of prostheses/orthoses to patients, alignment of prostheses/orthoses for optimal functions, patient training, outcome evaluation. At the request of and in consultation with physicians, the Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist assists in examining the patient, evaluating the patient’s prosthetics/orthotics needs, and formulating prescriptions for prostheses/orthoses. In providing a prosthesis/orthosis, the Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist is responsible for formulating its design and selecting the appropriate materials and components; making all necessary casts, measurements, model modifications, and layouts; performing fittings, including static and dynamic alignments; evaluating the outcome of the prosthetics/ orthotics treatment on the patient; instructing the patient in the proper use of the prosthesis/orthosis; and maintaining patient records.

The Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist is expected to keep abreast of new developments concerning prosthetics/orthotics care and to participate in activities related to the enhancement of the Prosthetics and Orthotics profession.

The titles of CPO(HK), CP(HK), and CO(HK) hereafter referred to as the Certification, is awarded to the practitioner who successfully completes the education, clinical experience, and examination required by the Certification Board.


For a person to be awarded the Certification by the Certification Board of the Hong Kong Society of Certified Prosthetist- Orthotists, the following requirements and procedures must be followed:

1. The applicant must be fluent in Chinese and English.
2. The applicant must be a graduate with a recognized Bachelor Degree with concentration(s) in Prosthetics or/and Orthotics in Hong Kong or its equivalent. The course curriculum should have been validated by the Certification Board, fulfilling the education requirement to sit the certification examination. Besides the academic qualification, 6 months of continuous clinical experience supervised by a current Certified Prosthetist or Orthotist of the HKSCPO is required for each of the Prosthetist or Orthotist discipline respectively before the candidate can take the certification examination.
3. The applicant must apply and be accepted to sit the certification examination by the Certification Board of the HKSCPO.
4. The applicant must pass the examination as set by the Certification Board.
5. Any exemption of the above requirements must be approved by the Certification Board, and endorsed by the Society Committee of the HKSCPO.
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