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Code of Ethics

The Hong Kong Society of Certified Prosthetist-Orthotists (HKSCPO) is a self-initiated organization. A main function of the Society is to grant the certification to those qualified persons working in the field of prosthetics and orthotics and to promote high standards of professional practice and professional conduct amongst the practitioners.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide guidance for conduct and illustrate the ethical standards to which professional Prosthetists/Orthotist is expected to conform.

A Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist should observe the basic ethical principles and be aware of the possibility that professional misconduct may lead to disciplinary proceedings.

A Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist should at all times maintain high standards of professional and personal conduct which reflect credit upon the profession. He/she should discharge his/her duties and responsibilities to the patients, the profession, the other members of the health care team and to the public in general with interest, honour and integrity; and should maintain a standard of practice by exercising competent professional judgment and by continually striving to improve his professional knowledge and skills.

A person who contravenes any part of the Code of Ethics will be deemed guilty of unprofessional conduct. The following Code of Ethics is indicative of the professional standard expected of members of HKSCPO and is not meant to be exhausted.

Basic Ethical Principles

A Certified Prosthetist-Orthotists shall:

1. Respect the rights and dignity of all individuals at all time.
2. Serve clients, regardless of social status, sex, culture, religion, politics, race or nationality.
3. Carry out services to the best of his / her ability.
4. Maintain at all times the highest standard of professional competence and strive continually to update and extend his / her professional knowledge and skill.
5. Recognize the extent and limitation of his / her appropriate health care team members whenever necessary.
6. Refer any persons under his / her care to the appropriate health care team members whenever necessary.
7. Respect the confidence imparted to him / her in the course of his / her professional duties, and only discuss patients’ affairs with other members of the medical team responsible for treatment.
8. Respect and co-operate with other Prosthetist-Orthotists and members of related professions and in relevant circumstances provide treatment to patients in accordance with medical diagnosis.
9. Maintain an active interest in the planning and the provision of adequate health service for the community.
10. Ensure that professional decision is not influenced by motives of profit.
11. Accept responsibility for reporting illegal activities or unethical conduct to the appropriate authorities.
12. Ensure that no service that requires the skill, knowledge, and judgment of the Prosthetist- Orthotists is delegated to a less qualified person and ensure that those under his / her supervision or in his / her employment are knowledgeable and capable in the performance of their duties.
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